Signed copy of Battle for the Knotty List


“Cap’n McNasty proved no match for Santa, but how will he fare against one of Santa’s elves? As they did with The Great Pirate Christmas Battle, Lewis and Jaskiel bring a spirit of adventure and humor to this pirate-y holiday treasure. For as long as there are young pirates in your crew, make reading this book one of your holiday traditions.”
—Heidi Hauser Green, Children’s Literature reviewer

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Cap’n McNasty and his crew of roguish rapscallions are back and badder than ever! When the Cap’n kidnapped a little elf from Santa, he didn’t count on the elf inciting a mutiny and high-seas hijinks by telling tales of the wonders of the North Pole. Cast adrift and faced with stormy seas, ravenous sharks, and a striking lass who just might capture his black heart, Cap’n McNasty faces the voyage of his life. His double-dealing crew has ideas of their own and sets their sights from swabbing decks to decking halls—and changing the North Pole forever. From bow to stern, this impishly illustrated yarn of Jolly Rogers and a jolly old elf will give yer funnybone no quarter!